17hats to the Rescue!

While revisiting some of the tools we’d previously used to help manage clients, projects and team collaboration, I noticed an ad on my Facebook feed for something called “17hats“. I’d seen it before but not paid much attention (as I usually don’t to things in my Facebook feed). The timing was right, however, and I clicked through.

I’m only 5 days into my free trial, but I have to say, I’m reasonably impressed so far! While not an answer to everything, it’s robust and user-friendly enough for the average freelancer or sole proprietor to use for almost all their basic business needs. In addition to things like CRM and bookkeeping (it hooks up to your bank accounts), it offers some uniquely attractive functionality – namely, customized lead capturing and something they call “Workflows”.

Without going in to too much detail, the summary is this: you can setup questionnaires, quotes, invoices, quotes, and to-do items – and lay them all out in a semi-automated workflow! Lead forms can be created and placed on your site, which automatically setup the client and project in 17hats. Emails with a client are sent to and from the app, so a record of everything is right there. A timer is built in. Phone calls can be logged. Documents e-signed. To-do lists created and crossed off. Files added. Seriously, what’s not to love?! If you sign up, use my links or the referral code wnzzprsxtd and you’ll get a discount. Be prepared to spend a couple hours on setup before you sign up for the trial, so you can really give it a good test.

The only thing missing, for me, is the collaboration aspect – though I hear that is potentially planned. In the meantime, Trelloworks well for collaboration with team members – and even tech-savvy clients. As a bonus, it’s free!

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