Designing a Web Presence for a Wellness Startup2017-03-17T09:57:39+00:00

Project Description

Acorn Healing Arts contacted us to provide them with a web presence and home for their online business activities. A series of requirement meetings is helping us to define a user-friendly, attractive site that will exceed their expectations and get their business off to a great start.

Project launch date is scheduled for May 1st!

The Problem

As a startup wellness and health consultation company, Acorn Healing Art’s top tasks were identified as:

  • Get people to read content (get visitors to the site)
  • Get people to fill out the contact form and ideally sign up for consultations
  • Purchase products

… Fundamentally, the company needed to get clients and make money! With no existing web presence or business branding, our tasks were to:

  • Design a logo and branding for the company
  • Plan, design and build a high-converting website
Acorn Healing Arts sitemap
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